Monday, July 1, 2013

A special message from James Beard

A very special message from the Desk of Director of Wrestling Operations, James Beard:

NWA Texas Stampede Wrestling is, in truth, a continuation of the legacy left by the promotions that gave wrestling fans in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex the most exciting and most competitive professional wrestling that could be found anywhere in the world. The list of names that are and have been closely associated with that legacy is long and distinguished. Many are very famous and well known by wrestling fans everywhere. But, there are some who are a part of the wrestling family that proudly made this area their home base that may not be as familiar to fans outside the Metroplex.  Regardless the degree of notoriety, if they were one of those we, who are closely associated with the area consider a part of that family of wrestlers, there is a bond that cannot be broken by time, distance or even death.

Ravishing Ray Evans was one of our brothers and a highly respected member of our family.  He may not have been as well known on the national stage as some of our other family members, but he was an important part of this select group of competitors and contributors to the Metroplex wrestling scene for many years.  

Aside from being well schooled in wrestling techniques, talented and outgoing in personality, Ray was universally respected and loved by all of us from this area who knew and worked with him.  He was a competitive and entertaining wrestler who gave everything he had to every match in which he was involved.  Win or lose, Ray was always fun to watch and a joy to work with.  Behind the scenes, he was a positive influence on everyone whose life he touched, whether briefly or if you had known him for many years, like most of us who have been around the Metroplex area for a long time.  He was one of those rare personalities that lit up the room and everyone loved.  You didn’t hear a negative word from or about Ray and you never saw him being difficult or moody.  He was always the same; Happy to see you and cooperative in every instance.  

Ray was a Pro in every sense of the word.  Inside the wrestling business, you are judged by the content or your work and the way you go about dealing with those you work with. To those inside the locker room, being the most famous or the most decorated with championship belts is secondary to the quality of your matches and the character you display.  Judging with those criteria, Ravishing Ray Evans was a true Champion to all of us who knew him and worked with him.  

NWA Texas Stampede Wrestling is honoring Ravishing Ray Evans with a special portrait and will be donating 100% of the proceeds raised from the purchase of this portrait directly to his family in order help with financial obligations left with his recent passing.  We are encouraging our fans to help with this effort by purchasing one of these memorial pictures and know that by doing so you are contributing to a worthy cause and the memory of one of the most beloved members of our wrestling fraternity and family.  

God Bless you all for helping out and supporting this effort.

James Beard
Director of Wrestling Operations
NWA Texas Stampede Wrestling

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  1. Hey I'm a 17 year old kido in grandprarie texas. And I was wondering if it was a way I could sign up to be apart of one of the greatest things to ever hit the face of the earth. If so I wanna know exactly what I can do and how can I get trained to be apart of the show it's been my dream to become a wrestler since I was a little riggy kitty. And if you were to give me a chance to be a wrestler in your show it would be the greatest of blessings.